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I was a part of Task Force Ezell


I was a part of Task Force Ezell
I was a part of Task Force Ezell.  This Task Force was organized and ordered to proceed to Bastogne to render assistance to the 101st Airborne Division as needed. 

The Task Force consisted of the following units of the 4th Armored Division:

CO “A”, 8th Tank Battalion

Co “C”, 10th Armored Infantry Battalion

Battery “C”, 22d Armored Field Artillery Bn (My Battery) 
All of Task Force Ezell’s actions were done on the 20th December 1944.  We proceeded to Bastogne early morning on the 20th December 44, without meeting any enemy resistance.  I believe we arrived about noon. 
After Captain Bert Ezell reported to officials in Bastogne, he received an order to return the Task Force to their battalions, a strange order indeed.  We returned to our parent battalions without meeting any enemy resistance again.  However, we did see large tank tracks across our road on the way back. 
This turned out to be the closing of the circle around Bastogne, which the Task Force avoided.  On 26 December 1944, elements of the 4th Armored Division broke the siege of Bastogne. 
Source: Bulge Bugle May 2016

By Sgt John H HARRIS


“C” Battery

22nd Armored Field Artillery Bn

4th Armored Division 



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