Battle of the Bulge

Duel in the Mist Vol II (Book)


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January 1, 2012




ISBN-10: 1908032022

· ISBN-13: 978-1908032027


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Duel in the Mist Vol II

Duel in the Mist 2 is the second volume on the actions of Kampfgruppe Peiper during the Ardennes offensive in December 1944 and the American units that opposed them. This volume gives in depth coverage of the events during the 20th and 21st December 1944 in Stoumont, Cheneux, La Gleize and the surrounding areas. It also includes a chapter on the refitting of the Panzer Grenadiers after their odyssey during the Normandy landings and the subsequent Allied advance through France.

A huge selection of mostly unpublished photographs depicts the savage fighting and damage done to masonry, men and machines in these two days of intense combat. There are two dozen consecutive pages of knocked out Panzers in La Gleize alone. Color profiles illustrate German camouflage patterns and detailed Orders of Battle help you visualize comparative unit strengths at different phases of the battle.

Timm Haasler is a Commercial Executive in the fast moving consumer goods industry who lives in Germany. A former artillery officer and graduate of the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich, Timm wrote his diploma about the rest and refitting concept of the German armed forces in World War II. He is also the author of the combat history of Panzer-Brigade 105 "Hold the Westwall." Roddy MacDougall is a Sales Engineer and Account Manager in the building industry in the United Kingdom. Simon Vosters is an Archivist who lives in Belgium. He wrote his master thesis on the German retreat through the Belgian Ardennes in September 1944. He studied Modern History at the University of Ghent and specialised himself in the Study of Archives at the University of Brussels. Hans Weber studied law at the University of Berne and works as Notary in Switzerland.