Battle of the Bulge

Major Battles of World War II: The Story of the Battle of the Bulge (Book)


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February 12, 2011




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The Battle of the Bulge was a major German offensive launched towards the end of World War II through the densely forested Ardennes Mountains region of Wallonia in Belgium. Almost complete surprise against a weakly-defended section of the Allied line was achieved during heavy overcast weather, which grounded the Allies' overwhelmingly superior air forces. Fierce resistance and terrain favoring the defenders threw the German timetable behind schedule. Allied reinforcements, including General George Patton's Third Army, and improving weather conditions, which permitted air attacks on German forces and supply lines, sealed the failure of the offensive. In the wake of the defeat, many experienced German units were left severely depleted of men and equipment as survivors retreated to the defenses of the Siegfried Line. The Battle of the Bulge was the single largest and bloodiest battle fought in World War II, and this book chronicles the events leading up to and during the battle, the major commanding officers and forces involved, and the implications of the battle's outcome for the war.

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