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My Most Memorable incident

My Most Memorable incident

My most memorable Bulge incident was Christmas Eve in the Ardennes.  It was a crisp cold night and it was snowing lightly adding to the snow that was on the ground.
The Germans were throwing wave after wave of German troops in an attempt to overwhelm our troops.  They used tiger tanks to try and overrun our position but our artillery, mortars, rocket fire and our lines managed to holdbut the accurate 88's caused a lot of death and destruction upon the GI's and armor.  The snow on the ground turned red from the heavy losses of both sides.
The snow in the Battle of the Bulge

Christmas day was another day, the Germans are still trying to destroy the 3rd Armored Division and all of its units.  But we are giving the Germans the death and causing a lot of destruction to their tiger tanks.

Tiger II Captured during the Battle of the Bulge

This is an incident that I will always remember and especially all my falling combat friends and buddies.

Source: Memorable Bulge Incidents = 1994

By Pfc William J. GAYNOR

"B" Battery,

67th Armored Field Artillery

3rd Armored Division


Battle of the Bulge,