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A Hint of Deutsch

A Hint of Deutsch
We had relieved elements of the 424th Infantry Regiment at Manhay, Belgium, and took up defensive positions.  I inhabited the cellar of a bombed out farmhouse with three others.We received heavy shelling while we were there.

At one point I started up the basement stairs to the main level when we took a direct hit knocking me backwards down the basement stairs.  Unbeknown to ourselves, a 1st Lieutenant artillery observer, who attempted to take cover in the rains of the farmhouse, was killed in the blast.


A few days later, while at the same location, a message was received that there was an American jeep ambushed with its five occupants killed and their 82nd Airborne uniforms and dog tags had been taken.


That same night while on guard with another squad member named Janik, we heard the eerie sound of a vehicle moving down the road.  I remember that night was pitch black when the jeep was right in front of the farmhouse.  I yelled “Halt!”  They stopped immediately and, because it was so dark, they were looking all over.  I didn’t think they could see us when I asked for the password.  After a pause one hollered “We forgot, but we’re looking for Item Company, 82nd Airborne.”  After noticing his slight German accent I immediately demanded that they throw out their weapons.  When they complied, I was sure there were not GI’s.  They were taken to Company Headquarters and I never heard anymore about this incident.


On January 5th, 1945, the company withdrew at 23.00 hours from Manhay after attacking forces had advanced beyond our town.  While in Manhay, we had four killed and five wounded.  The German soldiers we captured at Manhay during the first few day of January could very well be the same Germans that ambushed Corporal Robert Mangers.


Source:Bulge Bugle, August 1996


















"I" Company

291st Infantry Regiment

75th Infantry Division


Battle of the Bulge,