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US Army

I was at Verdenne on December 24 -27, 1944


I was at Verdenne on

December 24 -27, 1944

Here is the story of my part in the Battle of the Bulge.  I was in Company “L”, 333rd Infantry Regiment.We, the 84th Infantry Division were fighting north of Aachen from 21 November to 21 December 1944, when we were pulled from the line.  We expected we were going to a rest area for rest and reinforcements, for the losses that we had suffered.  This did not happen.  We were loaded on trucks and headed south.  We did not know where we were going or why, as usual.  We were unloaded on the Marche-Hotton on 22 December and set up a defensive line
At about 10 P.MM, 24 December, along with “K” Company, 333rd Regiment, we were to attack across an open field toward Verdenne, which was up a slight hill.  As usual, things got mixed up.  At the railroad crossing in Bourdon, “K” Company went left instead of right.  They (K) got mixed up in the fighting near the Chateau.This left “L” Company to attack alone.  The attack was accomplished, but our losses were heavy and Verdenne was not secure until 28 December.
On 29 December “L” Company moved to positions on high ground near Hampteau.  We were there until 2 January 1945, when we were relieved by the British.  On 2 January we were moved to Grandmenil for the start of the Battle of the Bulge.
Our objective on the first day, 4 January 1945, was Freyneux.  It was at this time, along the road near Oster, that I was wounded.  I was hospitalized in Liege, Paris, England and USA until 3 November 1945, at which time I was discharged from the Army. 
PS: For courageous action during the Battle of the Bulge, he received Britain's Distinguished Conduct Medal, pinned on by General Bernard Montgomery.
That is my story of the Battle of the Bulge.
Source: Email from Don Watt dated 22 July 1999 

"L" Company

333rd Infantry Regiment

84th Infantry Division


Battle of the Bulge,