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US Army

Battle of the Bulge - US Army

All stories about US Army in the Battle of the Bulge.

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The Battle of Stoumont – La Gleize, December 17th thru 25th 1944 Written by 1st Lt Donald J. STRAND 16701
The Battle of Elsenborn - December 44 (Part I of V) Written by Léon NYSSEN 10365
The Battle of Elsenborn- December 44 (Part II of V) Written by Léon NYSSEN 7379
The Battle of Elsenborn - December 44 (Part III of V) Written by Léon NYSSEN 8930
The Battle of Elsenborn - December 44 (Part IV of V) Written by Léon NYSSEN 5793
The Battle of Elsenborn - December 44 (Part V) Written by Léon NYSSEN 14432
The 130th General Hospital Written by John J. STAMOS 7271
The Rest of the Story: A Cameo of History from the Battle of the Bulge Written by Hank STAIRS 4793
3185th Signal Service Battalion Written by Curtiss MOLINE 5257
Christmas Eve, Past and Present Written by Cpl Obie WICKERSHAM 5738
Action at Martelange with the 1278th Engineer Combat Battalion Written by Michael G O'CONNOR 7706
Christmas of '44, with the 53rd Field Hospital Written by 1st Lt Katherine FLYNN NOLAN 6147
General Patton in the Battle of the Bulge Written by Guy BLOCKMANS 11834
They Were in Bastogne in December'44 Written by Guy BLOCKMANS 6564
A Brief Battle, A long Day Written by S/Sgt Frank KOTOSKI 5289
A World War II Diary –Battle of the Bulge Written by Sgt William B. RUTH Sr 9485
The Siege at Petit Coo - in the Battle of the Bulge Written by S/Sgt Aurio PIERRO 6085
My War Written by Frederick SMALLWOOD 5344
December 24th, 1944, Christmas Eve, somewhere in the Saar. Written by Robert SCHORRY 6115
The Trois-Ponts Roadblock Written by Bob WITHERS 5263
My nightmare started at age eighteen and lasted sixty-one years Written by Robert E THOMAS 4979
My Two Years, Six Months and Twenty-Eight Days in World War II Written by Edward L. CHRISTIANSON 6930
The Last Days of the Ardennes for the 27th Armored Infantry Bn Written by 1 Lt Robert J. PETERSON 10313
4th Armored Division Spearhead at Bastogne Written by Brigadier General Albin F. IRZYK U.S. Army (Ret) 12047
Battle for Chaumont, Belgium. December 23, 1944 Written by Brig. General Albin F. "Al" IRZYK U.S. Army (Ret) 16570
“What a Difference a Day Makes…..” (Grandmenil) Written by Frank W. MARESCA 5695
"Cannon" Company, 346th Inf. Regt, 87th Infantry Division, Diary of Cpl Elmer D. Schorry Written by Robert E. SCHORRY - Son 13455
The Brave Innkeeper of "The Bulge" Written by John TOLAND 12563
A Brief History of Army Unit, 1567th Engineer Depot Co Written by Joseph NOWICKI 7343
Stavelot, Belgium, 17 to 22 December 44 Written by Capt John E. KENT 17637
The Experience’s During World War II of 1st Lieutenant Charles E. Whitehead Written by 1Lt Charles E. WHITEHEAD 6694
The 148th Engineer in the Bulge Written by Pvt Lawrence T. PAGE 6360
Letter from William H. Humphrey, 635th AAA AW Bn Written by Pfc William H. HUMPHREY 7421
Stavelot, December 18, 1944 Written by Pfc Rudy MELLO 9011
Personal Reminiscences and the Retaking of Grandmenil Written by Robert F. KAUFFMAN 4394
War Years 1941 - 1945 with 327th Field Artillery Bn Written by Lt David H. KREGG 5695
My WWII Story with 38th A.I.B. Written by Cpl Kenneth M. NEHER 5273
The 1567th Engineer Depot Co in Belgium Written by John H. K. MASTERSON 4865
Keep 'em Rolling Written by Tom ADAMS 3763
Battle of the Bulge (Ardennes) 84th I.D. Written by S/Sgt Willard H. (Bud) FLUCK 13623
My father served in Battery "D" of the 134th A.A.A. Gun Bn. Written by T/4 John V. PFEISTER 5476
My Father was at Rosieres Written by T/Sergeant Frank J. BRADSHAW's son 3579
Father Sampson Written by Kenneth McAULIFFE (General McAuliffe's Nephew) 4037
Night Patrol Written by Cpl Samuel W. BALLINGER 5327
Sad souvenirs or life of the people of Stavelot during the winter of 1944-1945 Written by Guy LEBEAU 9437
My Father's Bulge Stories Written by Daniel R. SHINE's son 6513
The 666th Field Artillery Battalion and the "Battle of the Bulge" Written by Cpl Nathaniel BLUMBERG 7749
My Memoirs of the Battle of the Bulge Written by S:Sgt Curtis A. MARTELL 5590
Jigsaw Wire Section Written by Cpl Ernest G. SOMPPI 4553
Link-up between American and British Troops at Noir Bras, Champlon. January 14, 1945 Written by Sgt E. Samuel DUDLEY 3967