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US Army

Battle of the Bulge - US Army

All stories about US Army in the Battle of the Bulge.

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Dead Man's Ridge Written by Pfc Albert W. BRYANT 16577
Civilian Massacre at Parfondruy, December 1944 Written by Cpl Charles R CORBIN 7464
Christmas 1944, Belgium Written by Pvt Eugene MORELL 4494
Don't Drink the Water! Written by William W. WENZEL 3517
Christmas 1944, Too White, Too Cold Written by Pfc Donald J. ADDOR 3549
It was Christmas morning at Houffalize Written by T/5 James E. SAMMONS 3534
Christmas 1944, After the Hurtgen Forest Written by Peter N. RUSSO 5115
A Christmas to Remember Written by Margaret HAMMOND WALENSKI 3929
The 513th Parachute Infantry Regiment In the Bulge Written by Col. James W. COUTTS 5528
The 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment In the Bulge Written by Col. Maurice G. STUBBS 6163
The Battery "D", 639th AAA Bn In the Battle of the Bulge Written by Contributed by Lt Doyle K. WHITTENBURG 10892
My Story in January 1945 Written by 1st Sgt Richard GILE 3468
Americans Battle, The German Big Push. Written by Charles Christian WERTENBAKER 4753
Gloomy Christmas Written by T/Sgt Robert M. BOWEN 4154
Give me the Jeep! Written by George R KESTER 4538
My Personal Memories Written by 1st Lt Robert J PETERSON 3819
Harry Reed's Battle of the Bulge Experience Written by Sgt Harry C. REED 3635
I Remember Vividly the 1944 December Period in Belgium Written by 1st Lt Imbert ESLINGER 5072
"Mess " on the Front Written by Sgt Charles A. SKLENAR 4211
A Poor Set-Up at Best Written by Beldon PETERS 3789
Lt Eric F. WOOD and the 589th Field Artillery Battalion Written by Cpl J. Don HOLTZMULLER 5654
Defense of St Vith Written by S/Sgt Glenn R. FACKLER Sr 5335
Remembering the Gis Who Fought Battle of the Bulge Written by Pfc Peter A. THOMAS 3827
Tank Battalion Escapes St Vith Trap Written by S/Sgt Meron J. THOMPSON 4198
Vivid Memories Written by Sgt Delbert E. BORDNER 3885
Attracted to the Battle of the Bulge Written by S/Sgt Murray SHAPIRO 4638
3rd Armored Division Memories Written by T/5 Marvin H. MISCHNICK 7792
My Story with the 575th AAA Bn Written by T/4 Warren LUFT 3884
The 49th Engineer Combat Battalion and the Battle of the Bulge Written by Cpl Victor K. OLIZAROWICZ 9248
Shot in Stoumont, Belgium Written by Pfc James C. PENDLETON, Sr 4724
Inside a Tank Written by Sgt Oda "Chuck" MILLER 6219
The 740th Tank Battalion in the Battle of the Bulge Written by Alex Mc RAE 7942
Malmedy Survivor Statement Written by T/5 Theodore J. PALUCH 5679
Colonel Joseph H. GILBRETH and the Defense of Longvilly, Belgium Written by Tom HANCHETT 8848
9th Armored Division fought German Armies Written by 1st Lt Demetri PARIS 7107
My Diary Written by Pvt Charles R. DISEL 5945
My Regiment in the Bulge Written by 1st Lt Sam B. PETERS 8277
9th Armored Division Tankers Evade Germans Written by Jesse L MORRISON 4807
Memorable Experience Written by S/Sgt Rocco J. MORETTO 4769
My introduction to the beginning of the "Battle of the Bulge." Written by S/Sgt Murray SHAPIRO 4548
My Most Memorable Event in Battle of the Bulge Written by Pfc Mathew J. MILETICH 8699
At Houmont and Pinsamont, Belgium on January 1945 Written by Cpl Walter E. WRZESZCZYNSKI 3791
I Was at Clervaux on December 1944 Written by Sgt Frank A LO VUOLO 4984
December 26, 1944 with the 331st Infantry Regiment Written by Pfc Emanuel E LAMB 8058
A Desperate Gamble Written by Cpl Charles HURLBUT 5073
My Combat with the 320th Infantry Regiment Written by Robert L. HAGEL 9609
Nineteen Days of Hell Written by S/Sgt Willie T. GREEN 4300
Things I Remember Written by James G. GRAFF 4634
Beef Sausages, a la Sukon Written by Garland B. GLOVIER 3632
Close Calls Written by Philip J. GENOVA 3982