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US Army

Battle of the Bulge - US Army

All stories about US Army in the Battle of the Bulge.

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Tending the Dead in ETO Written by Joseph S LIBERTO 6925
My experience in the World War II Written by Sgt Alphonse G. YORK 13531
Citation for Silver Star, Sgt Robert I. Heller (Posthumous) Written by Marge BULLOCK 4736
They're our Prisoners Written by Jerry C. HRBEK 4443
The Lucky Missing Sock Written by Pfc John M HOLT 4437
The Weather on 16 December 1944 Written by Pfc Donald H BEIN 6761
Two Memorable incidents Written by T/3 Herbert REIMAN 6248
Attack on Manhay, Christmas Day, 1944 Written by T/5 Milton SCHOBER 14579
Amonines incident, 22-28 December 1944 Written by Cpt Ralph W ABELE 5765
There was Food in the Inn Written by Cpl Raymond W. LOCKE 3970
Defense of Spa Gas Dump Written by Interview Walter R. BUTTS 6178
My Transfer to Combat Medic Status Written by George L. NICKLIN 5341
Task Force Hansen at Malmedy Written by Cpt Charles J. ASKEGAARD 6534
I was a Medic during the Bulge Written by T/5 Richard J ROUSH 7443
My Memories of the Battle of the Bulge Written by Pfc William E. LEOPOLD 4500
My Most Memorable Christmas Written by S/Sgt Albert D. DIAN 3616
As I Remember Written by Sgt Harry A HANKEL 3250
My Seven Prisoners Written by Pfc Joseph . PILLITTERI 8856
My Story of the World War II Written by Lt Marvin CERNOHOUS 4647
Withdrawal from Wirtzfeld, Sunday morning December 17, 1944 Written by Lt Charles P. BIGGIO 10799
A Soldier Remembers Written by Ray HUCKABY 6874
The Action at Noville Written by Pvt William J. STONE 6444
Germans Use Dummy Parachutists Written by Pvt Marino MICHETTI 5088
Christmas during the Bulge Written by Lt Russell KELCH 3749
How to Wear a Foxhole Written by Hugh B. ROUS 4643
My Arrival with the 951st F.A.Bn in the Bulge Written by Lt Leo McCOLLUM 5374
Relief of Bastogne Was Completed Written by Cpl Joseph DRASLER 4849
Christmas Dinner 1944 Written by Lt Earl SPENDLOVE 4612
“Phantom” Division Frustrates Hitler Written by Maj Gen John W LEONARD Jr 5468
We Were in Bra, on or about Christmas Written by Pfc Raymond FARY 4083
The Battle of Grand-Halleux Written by Pvt Peter G. DOUNIS 12012
Remembrance of Battle at Grand-Halleux, January 15-16, 1945 Written by T/Sgt Robert H. JUSTICE 7928
Red Cross Clubmobile at Your Service Written by Jill PITTS KNAPPENBERGER 7299
The Night Before Christmas, Bastogne 1944 Written by Captain Jack T. PRIOR 18879
What Really Happened, Belle-Haie, Belgium Written by Lt Col Olin F BREWSTER (Ret) 8557
A Night Near Bergeval, Belgium Written by 1/Sgt E. W. "Bill" BOLIN 4754
Rescue of a Nurse Written by Sgt Ira BONETT Sr 4006
We Prayed for Clear Skies Written by T/Sgt Joseph S. ZANKO 4140
9th Armored Division was on Secret List During the Bulge Written by Henri ROGISTER 5724
591st Field Artillery Battalion, A.A.R. Written by National Archives 15945
Take Each Day as it Comes Written by Cpl Joseph W. BULKELEY 3690
The Day the Bulge Started Written by S/Sgt Jerry W. EADES 3674
I Was There… At the Battle of the Bulge Written by Pfc Paul A. REED 4710
Von der Heydte's Paratroopers Written by Cpl Arnold C FRANCO 4912
Introduction to a Tiger Tank Written by Allen R GOODMAN Sr 5388
C.C.B. 9th Armored Division, Battle of the Bulge Written by US ARMY 43070
The Decision Was Made For Us Written by Pfc Paul PANAGROSSO 4725
The 275th Engineer Combat Battalion in the Bulge Written by Capt Leo E. WALKER 7599
What a Price to Pay for Freedom Written by Edward A. HILTON 4425
We were Trapped at Bihain Written by Michael CATRAMBONE 9404