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US Army

Battle of the Bulge - US Army

All stories about US Army in the Battle of the Bulge.

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"B" Troop, 32nd Cavalry Squadron, 14th Cavalry Group Written by Lt Jack SHEA 13384
The Aroma was Great Written by Sgt Lester R. KING 3797
Saga of the 99th Infantry Division Written by Cpl Sidney D. SALINS 8339
Parker's Crossroads Written by T/4 Randolph PIERSON 18976
Our First Close-up Encounter Written by T/5 Armand F BOISSEAU 5653
Our Band of Angels Written by Elmer AMARUD 4513
On to Bastogne Written by Edgar E BREDBENNER Jr 4460
Activity of the 823rd Tank Destroyer Bn During the Bulge Written by Lt Col Sidney DETTMER 10431
No Purple Hearts For Bee Stings Written by S/Sgt Henry W. MOOSEKER 3627
My Friend Lone Prophet Written by George L. NICKLIN 4065
More on Von Der Heydte's Parachute Force in the Bulge Written by 1st Lt Wesley ROSS 6743
A Few Lucky Breaks Written by T/4 Richard RIZZIO 3257
…But it Could Have Been Worse Written by Sgt Urban T. MASUCCI 3488
424th Infantry Regiment, 106th Infantry Division Written by Sgt Maurice H. KUNSELMAN 17069
Defense of Monschau Written by Maj Charles E ROUSEK 8011
Cleaning Up Written by Lt Edward M. SELFE 4341
Christmas Mass During the Battle of the Bulge Written by William R. O'MALLEY 4319
Trois-Ponts, Belgium, December 21, 1944 Written by Cpl. Gordon A. WALBERG 9757
Battle of the Bulge 16 & 17 December 1944 Written by Lt Sidney J. LAWRENCE 13461
Alternate Position "Ambush" Written by Pvt Clayton I. RICE 3932
825th Tank Destroyer Bn. Company “A” Written by Signed Capt Joseph H. DIBERT 5832
Holding the Northern Flank at Stoumont Written by Cpl Kent A LEE 4194
A Day in the Ardennes…January 12, 1945 Written by Charles J. WOODMAN 5598
I was at Trois-Ponts with T.F. Lovelady Written by S/Sgt James K. CULLEN 5214
750th Tank Battalion in the Bulge Written by Sgt Michael V. ALTAMURA 8419
Battle of Malmedy Written by Col. David E. PERGRIN 8376
A Hint of Deutsch Written by Cpl Jack GRABER 3564
Luck was with me Written by Sgt Guy E. SUMPTER 3612
I was at Verdenne on December 24 -27, 1944 Written by T/Sgt Paul K. FERDINANDSEN 7885
"I Remember When" Written by Sgt Charles H. ROST 4124
Liaison Pilot with the 106th Infantry Division Written by Lt C.W. LAUMAN 6812
I was at Odeigne on January 1945 Written by Sgt Charles H. ROST 5738
Battle at Baraque de Fraiture, Combat Interview: Written by Interview by ?????? 7258
Interview with Captain Henry A. Eaton, 203rd AAA Written by T/3 Hubert WISBEY 5154
A Birthday ... of Sorts Written by Cpt Edward R. RADZWICH 5933
50 Years ago Byron Ellis was a German POW Written by Laurence J. SASSO Jr 5822
740th Tank Battalion Diary of a Medic Written by Author Unknown 6873
Echoes of Distant Battles Written by Capt Jack A. MARSHALL 5462
Our Situation was Critical Written by James W HERRINGTON 4503
Crossing the Ambleve River Bridge in Stavelot Written by Allen E. BREED 14618
Bitter December Written by Sgt Joseph J. KISS 5460
Observations of an American Field Officer who Escaped from the 1st SS Panzer Division “Adolf Hitler”. Written by Major Hal D. McCOWN 20603
My Battle of the Bulge Experience Written by Thomas A. KATANA 6305
I Was at Baugnez on December 17, 1944 Written by T/5 Warren R. SCHMITT 7216
A Bulge Ghost Town, December 1944 Written by S/Sgt Robert E. MERTENS 4705
The Experiences of Lieutenant Dorothy M. Taft during WWII Written by Lt Dorothy M. TAFT 9226
A Night in the Woods Written by Pfc Joseph NICOLELLA 4980
In the Snow and Cold, Heeding Cries for Help Written by S/Sgt Julius BARKIS 5013
My Best Christmas Dinner Written by Dwain CHRISTOFFERSON 4047
Some Nice, Clean Pajamas Written by Robert C. CATLIN 4966