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US Army

Battle of the Bulge - US Army

All stories about US Army in the Battle of the Bulge.

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Title Author Hits
Wanted: One German Prisoner Written by Robert L. MARTIN 3482
One Small Corner Written by John W. FAGUE 3326
32nd Armored Infantry Regiment Written by Sgt Oda C. MILLER 6860
Some Days before the Bulge Written by Simon R. ROEBUCK 3383
A Soldier and a Perfect Stranger Written by J. David BAILEY 4590
Massacre at Malmedy During the Battle of the Bulge Written by Major General M. REYNOLDS 6977
Key Bastogne Defense Came in first two days. Written by 1st Lt Robert PETERSON 7295
In the Bulge Written by Harold J. O'NEILL 6713
The Calculated Risk Written by Howard PETERSON 5108
A War Story Written by Hector HERRERA 4563
Saved by German Medal Written by George H. JACKSON 5851
I Received my Third Tank During the Bulge Written by Sgt Marvin C. DRUM 4966
Teddy Velikoff Diary Written by Sgt Teddy E. VELIKOFF 5698
146th Engineer Combat Battalion. Written by 1st Lt Wesley ROSS 7475
Grateful For the Small Things Written by Lionel P. ADDA 4696
Interview with T/Sgt Willard F. Nelson (422nd Inf Regt) Written by T/Sgt Willard L. NELSON 5659
My Most Unforgettable Christmas Written by 1/Sgt James E. TAYLOR 4954
This is the Way it Was Written by Capt Alan W. LAYTON 4662
Christmas is Sharing Written by Jerry C. HRBEK 4892
Operations in Steinebrück, 18 December 1944 Written by 2nd Lt George E. MOISE 6690
The Hunter Become the Hunted, Task Force Hogan Written by Major Travis M. BROWN Sr 7766
At Bastogne: The First Tank Battle Written by Dustin M. AUGHENBAUGH 20523
To this Day, I don't like Snow Written by Edward F. SCHOONER 5080
The Cost is Terrific Written by Capt May B. ALM 4662
What Really Happened at Grosslangenfeld, Germany Written by Lt Joseph C. HAINES 8830
The Open Field of Elsenborn Written by S/Sgt Curtis R WHITEWAY 4828
Short Story of the 4th Belgian Battalion Written by Author: ??? 5784
The Communique (Part I of III) Written by Cpl Wayne Van DYCKE 4599
The Communique (Part II of III) Written by Cpl Wayne Van DYCKE 4298
The Communique (Part III of III) Written by Cpl Wayne Van DYCKE 4483
Elsenborn Ridge Written by Charles R. POSEY 13474
First On the Line, 35th Engineer Combat Bn. (Part I of II) Written by Shawn HUMBREL 13834
First On the Line, 35th Engineer Combat Bn. (Part II of II) Written by Shawn HUMBRELL 7129
Christmas 1944 Written by S/Sgt Henry W. MOOSEKER 5945
Chicken for Christmas Dinner Written by S/Sgt Meron J. THOMPSON 4038
A Slight Change of Plans Written by Cpl Charles M PRICE 3145
A Flashback on the Bulge Written by Pfc Sheldon F. TAUBEN 4886
465th Medical Collecting Company Written by Sergeant Eddy WYDRA 5338
86th Chemical Mortar Battalion, Company "C" Written by 2Lt Harold S. FISCHGRUND 8259
Ettelbruck, Luxembourg and the 318th Infantry Regiment Written by Sgt Robert T. MURRELL 7395
He Bravely Fought in the Bulge Written by Interview by Tom MELCHIOR 5501
My Job On December 24, 1944 Written by Lt Col Carlton P. RUSSELL 6164
Christmas Tree a la Mode, 1944 Written by William D. MACKOWSKI 5397
My Ride from Germany to Belgium Written by S/Sgt Arnold J. SHIRLEY 4474
We Never Got To England Written by Edgar E BREDBENNER Jr 4143
An Ancient Two-Holer Written by T/5 Bernard J HAAS 4782
Battle Of Dead Man's Ridge Written by Huey C. McLAIN 6637
My Father, Joseph W. Turek Sr Written by Joe TUREK Jr (Son) 4518
Von Rundstedt's Breakthrough Written by John R. BRETH 5422
Three Enemies: Germans, Weather and Fear Written by Pfc Thomas R. CHAMBERS 4503