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US Army

Battle of the Bulge - US Army

All stories about US Army in the Battle of the Bulge.

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Did They Fool us ? Written by Pfc William J. GAYNOR 4105
Depressed and Trapped Written by Elmer E LIBBY 4725
Recurring Memories Written by Capt Arma E ANDON 4620
A Replacement's Story Written by Donald C. CHUMLEY 4615
The Flight Not Taken Written by Edward A. CONNORS 4104
A Corporal Story Written by Cpl Carroll D WILLEY 4248
No Regrets Written by Pfc Francis K. DAVIS 3724
The General That History Forgot;....... Written by Cpl Mitchell KAIDY 5181
1-1/2 Unforgettable Days in Kesternich Written by T/Sgt Ervin HARDISON 5544
Christmas Eve in an Old Barn Written by Sgt Dominick D. SANTAGATA 3709
25 Days in the Bulge Written by Sgt Albert GAYDOS 4688
Andy Written by Cpl Joseph W. BULKELEY 3859
The Battle of the Ardennes, Malmedy-Belgium Written by Lt Frank W. TOWERS 7011
January 1, 1945, Action Written by James E. HUNTER 4895
Attack on Honvelez, January 14, 1945 Written by Captain Hugh BATES 5008
11th Armored Division in the Bulge Written by Brig. Gen Charles KILBURN 6970
Bugle Boy of Company "B" A December surprise! Written by William H. BARKER 3905
WWII Memoirs: The Bulge Written by Richard C. MANCHESTER 5288
A last-ditch effort Written by Submitted by David G. GARCIA 3914
Stoumont Action Written by Interview by ?????? 6396
A Gargantuan Battle Written by Cpl Floyd D. RANGSDALE 4079
My Unit, the 773rd Tank Destroyer Battalion Written by S/Sgt Edward H. McCLELLAND 5655
A Christmas that Wasn't Christmas Written by Capt May A. ALM 3707
In a Small Church Written by Sgt Michael V. ALTAMURA 3795
I was with the 949th Field Artillery Written by 1st Lt Harry J. NOVEMBER 3847
U.S. Troops Fight at Elsenborn Ridge Written by Ralph E. HERSKO Jr 5343
Rockerath-Krinkelt and vicinity, December 16, 17, 18, and 19th, 1944 Written by Pfc Donald C. VERHOTZ 4906
The 1st Battalion, 41st Armored Infantry Regiment on December 25, 1944 Written by Russell V. ZELENIAK 5641
Here They Come Written by Edward ECHMALIAN 3649
My Guardian Angel Written by John B. MASTERSON 3966
I Mostly Remember the Walking Written by Sgt Louis R. SANDINI 3445
We Were Surrounded Written by S/Sgt Kenneth REITER 5512
The End of the Trail for Tiger 222 Written by Lt Thomas L. RANEY 14078
Suddenly, ...I was no Spectator Written by Pfc Harold R. LINDSTROM 3570
Roadblock Overrun 12 hours Baraque de Fraiture (Parker's Crossroad)December 22-23, 1944 Written by T/5 Bernard J. HAAS 5898
28th Signal Company in the Bulge Written by Robert W. EICHNER 4058
The Bulge: A Remembrance Written by Lt Albert N. GARLAND 4209
Remembering Another Enemy: Cold Weather Written by Reuel LONG 9940
Letter from the Front Written by Wendell C. OBERMEIER 3727
Bleialf Is Overrun Written by Steven B. WHEELER 6174
Further On Sergeant Day G Turner, MOH Written by Cpl Vernon M FRAZIER 5415
“HQ” Company, 112th Infantry Regiment, 28th I.D. Written by Earl T. CHAMNESS 5898
German Breakthrough V Corps Sector Written by Submitted by William L. DUDAS 3851
My Theory on the "Surprise Attack" Written by Sgt John W. MORSE 3631
Memories of the Battle of the Bulge Written by Cpl W.C. ARMSTRONG 4042
What Did the General Know? Written by Pfc Russell E. KUEHN 3863
Krinkelt-Rocherath, December 17, 18 and 19, 1944 Written by Sgt Arnold B. PARISH 14805
Prisoner of War ? Written by Wendell C. OBERMEIER 3241
Our Last Hot Meal Written by T/4 Warren LUFT 3328
We Had a Good Laugh Written by T/Sgt Wilfred McCARTY 3603