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US Army

Battle of the Bulge - US Army

All stories about US Army in the Battle of the Bulge.

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Title Author Hits
A Cold Night in WWII Written by Sgt Charles L. HARRINGTON 129
Foxholes and Christmas of long ago Remembered… Written by Pfc Phillip C. STARK 507
Breakfast in the Beautiful Snowy Ardennes Forest Written by Pfc Mathew J. MILETICH 500
The 318th Inf Regt in the Bastogne Saliant Written by Capt Dello G DAYTON 584
My Story in World War II Written by Cpl Bobby G. COBB 532
My Ardennes Story Written by Cpl John D. KNAPPENBERGER 558
Deadly Nothum, Luxembourg Written by Pfc Carl J MORANO 507
My WWII’s Memories Written by T/5 Paul R. MILLETT 540
Night Attack Patrol Written by S/Sgt Henry W MOOSEKER 515
German Officer Vindicates 106th Recc Troop Written by Sgt Louis E. CUNNINGHAM 667
Remembering Hardships and Suffering Written by Pfc Harold G BARKLEY 526
My Recollections During Battle Written by Pfc Alfred MOSKOWITZ 542
German Railroad Gun at Elsenborn Written by S/Sgt Curtis WHITEWAY 543
From the Hurtgen Forest to the Bulge Written by Cpl Martin SYLVESTER 546
Account of December 16–18, 1944 at Schonberg–Bleialf Written by Capt William J. HYNES 563
A Nice Warm Bed and more –Well-Earned! Written by Cpl Norman KATZ 504
Honor to my grandfather John Swedick Written by Mathew SWEDICK, Associate Member 700
These unknown heroes of the Battle of the Bulge Written by Jérémie CHENOT 963
The Battle of the Bulge – A Healing For Two Souls Written by Pvt Howard MISCHEL 1044
Hindrance en route to the Bulge Written by Cpl Harold F SHADDAY 1061
398th Engineer GS Regiment Written by Harvey Clyde WALTON 1092
Milk for Cereal Written by Pfc Roger W VOGT 1095
All in the Line of Duty Written by T/5 Jesse H ROBERSON 1126
“Telephone, Telegraph and Teletype” Written by T/5 Claude T FERRON 1200
661st Tank Destroyer Battalion & S/Sgt James N. BINDER Written by Submitted by Stephen SAVAGE, BOBA Member 1221
Battle of the Bulge -- 68 years later Written by Sgt William B. RUTH 1253
Defense of Monschau by the 38th Cavalry Squadron Written by Lt Col Alfred SHEHAB 1235
A Miracle at St Vith Written by John R COYNE 1354
350 Miles in Bitter Cold Weather Written by Cpl Kenneth R YOCKEY 1201
It Was More Than “Spooking” Written by Capt Charles M HUNTER 1134
Assenois , Belgium , December 1944 Written by Leo BARRON, Author 1118
Difficult to Forget Written by Anthony TORRIERI 1086
Before, During, After the Bulge Written by Girard L. CALEHUFF 1471
Swamped by the Germans Written by Pfc Frank J CREEDE Jr 1107
Story of a Foot Soldier Written by 1st Lt Thomas F STIMSON 1116
A Pearl Found In the Army Written by Gerald WHITE 1068
A Lighter Bit of Activity in the Bulge Written by Cpl Albert J. DAUNORAS 1062
Attacking South of the German Bulge Written by E Peter HORNBURG 1084
Along the Sure River Front Written by Pfc Arthur SCHRECKENGOST 1078
I was drafted Written by Sgt Joseph J. LAUX 1091
My Story Leading up to Bastogne Written by Sgt Albert A GAYDOS 1118
Christmas 1944: Panzers’ Prisoner Written by S/Sgt Robert H BILSKEMPER 1126
Preview of a F.A.O.B. Written by Sgt David D BOTTIGGI 1140
Antwerp X and the Battle of the Bulge Written by 1st Lt Forest E BROWN 2035
Bonnerue, Belgium Written by Pfc Harry J. WINTEMBERG 1642
Breakthrough at the Schnee Eifel Written by Cpl Robert K WINELAND 1803
A Secret Trek to the Bulge Change of M.O.S. Written by John MELI 1518
A Medic's Memoir Written by Harry E Mc CRACKEN 1574
Everlasting Memory Written by Elmer E LIBBY 1581
Caught in the Woods Written by Pfc Charles H McPHERSON 1588