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US Army

Battle of the Bulge - US Army

All stories about US Army in the Battle of the Bulge.

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Title Author Hits
My Story Leading up to Bastogne Written by Sgt Albert A GAYDOS 27
Christmas 1944: Panzers’ Prisoner Written by S/Sgt Robert H BILSKEMPER 54
Preview of a F.A.O.B. Written by Sgt David D BOTTIGGI 129
Antwerp X and the Battle of the Bulge Written by 1st Lt Forest E BROWN 1146
Bonnerue, Belgium Written by Pfc Harry J. WINTEMBERG 1003
Breakthrough at the Schnee Eifel Written by Cpl Robert K WINELAND 1022
A Secret Trek to the Bulge Change of M.O.S. Written by John MELI 1000
A Medic's Memoir Written by Harry E Mc CRACKEN 1013
Everlasting Memory Written by Elmer E LIBBY 1008
Caught in the Woods Written by Pfc Charles H McPHERSON 1006
Memories of the Bulge Written by Pfc John J SCHUMACHER 1882
One of My Battles Written by Lt Morphis A JAMIEL 1702
I was an Artillery Forward Observer Written by 1st Ross H RASMUSSEN 1903
A Soldier’s WWII Experience Written by Pfc Francis Keith DAVIS 2032
A Daughter Remembers his WWII Hero Written by Laura M Van ARSDALE 1627
A Christmas Story Written by 2nd Lt Lionel J ROTHBARD 1608
My Bulge Story Written by Cpl John A SWETT 1807
My Army Service in The Bulge Written by David M DIXON Jr 1857
22 – 23 December 1944, Rochefort, Belgium Written by Lt Leonard R CARPENTER 2181
The Christmas I Remember Most Written by Cpl Frank E ROYER 2054
My WWII Story Written by By Sgt John M ROWE 1710
Grabbing an Opportunity Written by Cpl Robert H BURROWS 1629
The 187th Field Artillery Battalion Written by Cpl John R SUDYK 2137
The 17th Airborne in the Battle of the Bulge Written by Lt Col Bart HAGERMAN 4156
317th Infantry Regiment in the Bulge Written by Major James H HAYES 3031
77th Evacuation Hospital in the Bulge Written by 2nd Lt Andre JAMAR 3059
10th Armored CCB Train Written by Captain Warren C. SCHULZE 3135
Withdrawing to Elsenborn Ridge Written by T/5 Billy H. CLAMPETT 3529
Three Days in the Bulge Written by By Sgt Chuck E KATLIC 4485
Cpl Clifford N. Austin War Biography Written by Pfc Clifford N AUSTIN 5701
The 423rd Infantry Regiment in the Bulge Written by Colonel Charles C. CAVENDER 4131
The 89th Cavalry in the Bulge Written by Capt Eugene AUERBACH 6040
Medal of Honor Horace M THORNE Written by Henri ROGISTER 3690
I Remember December 21, 1944 Written by Christopher Mc EWAN 5139
From Liege (Belgium) to Vielsalm(Belgium) Written by Lt Frank R FANCHER 3414
How I remember The Battle at Coulee, Written by 1st Sgt Roger M. RUTLAND 2646
Forward Observers Written by Sgt Newton A PARKER 2748
"A" Company at Amonines, During the Bulge Written by Sgt Robert K PACIOS 3099
Tiger Patrol Written by Lt William F. O’DONNELL 5523
The Story of 422d Cannon Company Written by 1st Lt Ervin JUSTER 4576
My activities between 16 December 1944 to 1 January 1945. Written by 1st Lt Earl A. SCOTT 6255
Montgomery’s Proposal Ignored Written by Pvt Carl P. DE VASTO 5182
Letters to Home Written by Lt Russell KELCH 4852
Incident at Marcouray, Task Force Hogan Written by 1st Lt Robert A WEATHERFORD 4672
His capture in the Battle of the Bulge Written by Ellen Myers' Daughter 10007
My First Day in Battle December 24, 1944 Written by S/Sgt Nathan H. GILLIE 12183
Joe Patzner’s Account of Battle of the Bulge Written by T/5 Joseph C. PATZNER 5675
Miracles During the Bulge Written by Lilian Voight, daughter of Sgt Elvin H. WILKEN 6345
Life in the Frozen Tundra Written by Cpl Kenneth R. YOCKEY 5520
Christmas on the Meuse River 1944 Written by T/5 Daniel W. O’BRIEN 5421