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US Army

Battle of the Bulge - US Army

All stories about US Army in the Battle of the Bulge.

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Title Author Hits
77th Evacuation Hospital in the Bulge Written by 2nd Lt Andre JAMAR 94
10th Armored CCB Train Written by Captain Warren C. SCHULZE 94
Withdrawing to Elsenborn Ridge Written by T/5 Billy H. CLAMPETT 92
Three Days in the Bulge Written by By Sgt Chuck E KATLIC 848
Cpl Clifford N. Austin War Biography Written by Pfc Clifford N AUSTIN 954
The 423rd Infantry Regiment in the Bulge Written by Colonel Charles C. CAVENDER 992
The 89th Cavalry in the Bulge Written by Capt Eugene AUERBACH 1355
Medal of Honor Horace M THORNE Written by Henri ROGISTER 1253
I Remember December 21, 1944 Written by Christopher Mc EWAN 1513
From Liege (Belgium) to Vielsalm(Belgium) Written by Lt Frank R FANCHER 1087
How I remember The Battle at Coulee, Written by 1st Sgt Roger M. RUTLAND 1078
Forward Observers Written by Sgt Newton A PARKER 1116
"A" Company at Amonines, During the Bulge Written by Sgt Robert K PACIOS 1180
Tiger Patrol Written by Lt William F. O’DONNELL 2376
The Story of 422d Cannon Company Written by 1st Lt Ervin JUSTER 1873
My activities between 16 December 1944 to 1 January 1945. Written by 1st Lt Earl A. SCOTT 4410
Montgomery’s Proposal Ignored Written by Pvt Carl P. DE VASTO 3516
Letters to Home Written by Lt Russell KELCH 3445
Incident at Marcouray, Task Force Hogan Written by 1st Lt Robert A WEATHERFORD 3310
His capture in the Battle of the Bulge Written by Ellen Myers' Daughter 6296
My First Day in Battle December 24, 1944 Written by S/Sgt Nathan H. GILLIE 6965
Joe Patzner’s Account of Battle of the Bulge Written by T/5 Joseph C. PATZNER 4298
Miracles During the Bulge Written by Lilian Voight, daughter of Sgt Elvin H. WILKEN 4622
Life in the Frozen Tundra Written by Cpl Kenneth R. YOCKLEY 4043
Christmas on the Meuse River 1944 Written by T/5 Daniel W. O’BRIEN 4084
The Bulge was a Violent and Cold Battle Written by Charles E. KATLIC 4674
From the Diary of Arnold H. KANTOLA Written by Arnold H. KANTOLA 5321
Remembering Pfc Paul H. ROWLEY “Packey” Written by Sgt Robert K. PACIOS 4463
My Own Battle of the Bulge Written by 1st Gus M. BLASS II 5441
From Utah Beach to Czechoslovakia Written by Pfc Francis K. DAVIS 4405
Ex-POW Tells his Story Written by Pfc Jesse H. BURNETTE 4717
Bastogne Written by Pfc John J. CIPOLLA 5709
December 24, 1944 Written by 1st Lt John W. MISTLER 4951
Close Contact with the Germans Written by Pvt Raymond J. WENNING 8518
December 23, 1944 - near Belle Haie, Belgium. Written by Pfc Daniel W. KUPSCHE 5005
Back alive in 45' Written by Wilfrid R. RILEY 4651
Bastogne Besieged and Liberated Written by John P. MALLOY 5784
All Hell Broke Loose Written by Pfc Donald P. SCHOO 5479
A fearful Incident Turned Humorous Written by Cpl Samuel W. BALLINGER 4445
Saving live on the front Written by T/4 Howard M. KLITGAARD 3982
16 December 1944 Written by 1st Lt Samuel LOMBARDO 4508
254th Engineer Combat Battalion Written by 2nd Lt Edward C. VICKSTROM 10004
Excerpts from a letter Written by Sgt Paul G. OXFORD 4446
An Unforgettable Night Written by Pvt Raymond La CASSE 4599
A Routine Reconnaissance Patrol Written by Jim HARRIS 4435
A Miracle…How My Military Service Ended. Written by Pfc Glenn E. VANCE 3452
Christmas in the Ardennes Written by John C. NOWELL 3997
On Patrol in Europe Written by Gilbert TROXELL 3243
World War Two Experiences of Gerard J. BASZNER Written by Christian W de MARCKEN 4772
My Experience in the Battle of the Bulge Written by Harold D. ALLEN 5881