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US Army

Battle of the Bulge - US Army

All stories about US Army in the Battle of the Bulge.

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Title Author Hits
His capture in the Battle of the Bulge Written by Ellen Myers' Daughter 332
My First Day in Battle December 24, 1944 Written by Pfc Nathan H. GILLIE 570
Joe Patzner’s Account of Battle of the Bulge Written by T/5 Joseph C. PATZNER 282
Miracles During the Bulge Written by Lilian Voight, daughter of Sgt Elvin H. WILKEN 302
Life in the Frozen Tundra Written by Cpl Kenneth R. YOCKLEY 292
Christmas on the Meuse River 1944 Written by T/5 Daniel W. O’BRIEN 289
The Bulge was a Violent and Cold Battle Written by Charles E. KATLIC 298
From the Diary of Arnold H. KANTOLA Written by Arnold H. KANTOLA 498
Remembering Pfc Paul H. ROWLEY “Packey” Written by Sgt Robert K. PACIOS 1156
My Own Battle of the Bulge Written by 1st Gus M. BLASS II 1431
From Utah Beach to Czechoslovakia Written by Pfc Francis K. DAVIS 1120
Ex-POW Tells his Story Written by Pfc Jesse H. BURNETTE 1759
Bastogne Written by Pfc John J. CIPOLLA 1988
December 24, 1944 Written by 1st Lt John W. MISTLER 1851
Close Contact with the Germans Written by Pvt Raymond J. WENNING 3672
December 23, 1944 - near Belle Haie, Belgium. Written by Pfc Daniel W. KUPSCHE 2413
Back alive in 45' Written by Wilfrid R. RILEY 2107
Bastogne Besieged and Liberated Written by John P. MALLOY 2360
All Hell Broke Loose Written by Pfc Donald P. SCHOO 2417
A fearful Incident Turned Humorous Written by Cpl Samuel W. BALLINGER 2026
Saving live on the front Written by T/4 Howard M. KLITGAARD 1851
16 December 1944 Written by 1st Lt Samuel LOMBARDO 2027
254th Engineer Combat Battalion Written by 2nd Lt Edward C. VICKSTROM 3713
Excerpts from a letter Written by Sgt Paul G. OXFORD 1891
An Unforgettable Night Written by Pvt Raymond La CASSE 2505
A Routine Reconnaissance Patrol Written by Jim HARRIS 2952
A Miracle…How My Military Service Ended. Written by Pfc Glenn E. VANCE 2157
Christmas in the Ardennes Written by John C. NOWELL 2598
On Patrol in Europe Written by Gilbert TROXELL 2001
World War Two Experiences of Gerard J. BASZNER Written by Christian W de MARCKEN 3290
My Experience in the Battle of the Bulge Written by Harold D. ALLEN 4569
My Bulge Experience Written by Capt Arnold L BROWN 4119
My Battle of the Bulge Written by Sgt Rocco GEDARO 3991
A Wager Paid Off Written by Pvt Felix J. MELLENO 3194
A Close Call Written by Donald J. ADDOR 3389
January 13, 1945 between Malmedy and Bellevaux Written by T/Sgt John M NOLAN 4905
Bridge at Heiderscheidergrund, Luxembourg Written by Pvt George D. WHITTEN 3574
The 188th Combat Engineer Battalion in Belgium Written by Wilfrid R. RILEY 3889
The 12th Infantry Regiment in WW II Written by Sgt William H. BUELL 5109
One of Many Battles Written by Pfc Harry J LOVELESS's wife 3202
Christmas 1944 in Luxembourg Written by Capt Harold I. STOREY 3720
Interview of Captain Charles Mitchell, 526th A.I.B. Written by Captain Franklin FERRIS 3970
941st Field Artillery Battalion from March 24, 1944 to September 13, 1944 Written by Philip Mc CARTY 4340
Ardennes Campaign with 505th P.I.R. Written by Sgt William T DUNFEE 4273
A Soldier’s Story …. Krinkelt, 1944 Written by Sgt James R. Mc ILROY 4847
It Could Have Been Me… Written by John M. PAYNE 3687
The Battle of the Bulge Remembered Written by Dick GOODIE 4732
The Bulge: per the 146th Engineer Combat Bn. Written by 1st Wesley ROSS 4705
The Day was about the 20th of December 1944 Written by Pfc Thomas R CHAMBERS 5795
Everything was "Swell" Written by Edward ECHMALIAN 3284