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A Loving Daughters Tribute to Robert C. Wenskovitch

A Loving Daughters Tribute to Robert C. Wenskovitch

My Dad, Robert C. Wenskovitch Sr. (some Military records list him as Clarence R. Wenskovitch was a S/Sgt. on a B-24 Liberator with the 8th Air Force, 2nd Air Division, 491st Bomb Group, 852nd Bomb Squadron, Crew #R27 out of North Pickenham, England.
All my information is hear say or what I learned from others including members of the 491st.  My Dad passed away 20 years ago and never discussed the way.  The document below regarding my Dad is a copy I received just yesterday from my brother, I believe it may have been typed by one of my Fathers commanding officers and sent to his parents.

Tubarao crew R27

Barbie GRAHAM daughter of Robert C. WENSKOVITCH

852ndh Squadron

491st Bomb Group

8th Air Force