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British Army

Second Link Up between Ortho and Warempage

Second Link Up between Ortho and Warempage
I was Troop Sergeant of 1 Troop, "B" Squadron, 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry, 51st Highland Division.  On 13th January 1945, the Troop was ordered to probe South through the village of Ortho, Belgium.  We were briefed that the Americans were South of the River Ourthe.
Sergeant Shepard was in leading car, Lieutenant Owen in second and my car in 3rd position with guns at 2 o'clock, when approximately 300 meters from river, in hilly and wooded country, we came under small arms fire.  
Immediately I ordered John Madden, my gunner, to fire first 2 ponder with H.E. and then spray with gun MG. After about 15 seconds there was a screeching on radio to cease fire.  
The "enemy" were approximately 50 American infantry who had been cut off for several days.  They were grateful to receive our tins of corned beef, cigarettes etc.  
I quickly took the enclosed photo – a sign post points to Warempage. 
 Sorry for the poor photo
A few years ago, I wrote to Charles B Mc Donald, author of "Battle of the Bulge", but he could not tell me who the Americans were.  
 Note: The Americans were from the 87th Infantry Division.
Sgt Peter De GREAVE

"B" Squadron

2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry

51st Highland Division

2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry


Battle of the Ardennes,